The Halifax Association of Vegetarians is a non-profit educational and social organization, dedicated to promoting a vegetarian lifestyle, and uniting vegetarians and those interested in vegetarianism in the Halifax area and throughout the Maritime Provinces.


What is a vegetarian?

A vegetarian is someone who lives on a diet that is free of meat, fish and fowl or the flesh of any animal.

While all vegetarians exclude meat from their diet, many eat dairy and eggs (lacto-ovo- vegetarians); and some go further and exclude eggs, dairy and honey from their diet (vegans); a small number eat a type of vegan diet that includes only those plant foods that can be harvested without killing the plant (fruitarians).

As the only membership based vegetarian association in Atlantic Canada, we welcome you to our region and encourage you to try our recommended restaurants and shops. Members of other vegetarian associations are welcome to present their membership cards to receive a discount from the businesses that support our discount program. Please contact us at halifaxvegetarians@gmail.com to tell us about your experiences and recommend other veg friendly businesses.


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